Waiting for…Godot?

Have you ever seen or read the play “Waiting for Godot”? It’s an absurd play by Samuel Beckett. It points out the ridiculousnous of these two characters who are waiting for a guy named Godot. Throughout the entire play they contimplate leaving but always come back to the fact that they are waiting for Godot and cannot leave. As a result, everything in their life is on hold. People come and people go and all the while others can see beyond the horizon and move on but these two wait for Godot.

I find that my life can sometimes be this way. I wll be fixed upon something, waiting for it to happen or just wanting it to happen and in the midst of waiting for it, life is passing me by and I am missing out on so many other opportunities that by waiting and not doing, I have lost something that can never be found – time.

Experiences can always be gained, discussions had, activities completed, but once time has slipped passed us, we are left with less time to do more. And that ususally leaves us with regret.

My Godot? The right opportunities, fear – or rather courage, ease of accomplishment, the right friend, the right boyfriend, the right amount of money, etc. “The perfect life.”

In learning to simplify I am seeking out that which has held me back, my “Godot”, and saying, “I am not waiting any more.” I am picking my self up off this place I have been perched and moving forward. I’m leaving behind anger, bitterness, pain, sorrow, unforgiveness – mostly for myself, but in some cases others too. Revealing that “Godot” has kept me stagnant, I can now go and do.

I can do that which I have been called and created to do. I am not waiting any more.

Do you have a Godot? What have you been waiting for? What has held you back? What are you going to achieve?


5 thoughts on “Waiting for…Godot?

    • I am glad that the words I have written have been able to help you. I think that in our case God allows for us to experience things or think about things in a certain way that will allow for us to relate to others in a time and place that they need. I always hope and pray that the words I use are a light glorifying to God and honoring him. I’m glad for our reconnection. I think that in time we will find it seems as if there was never a seperation.

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