Perfectly Perfect Imperfections

There is a quiet stirring in my soul that beckons me to be better then I am. To venture beyond what I know how to be and become more than I ever hoped I might become. But I find myself like Alice, staring through the looking glass, not sure how to get there. It seems an impossibility to go from here to there except for in my dreams.

I see how I react to situations and sometimes I react well: with coolness and calm that goes beyond my natural ability and sometimes I react with such hotness and irritation that anyone who comes in contact will get burned. I hate that about me. I wish I knew the trigger for such irrationality – in hopes that I might control it. What a fool I can be. What dreams I dream and silliness I believe to be a possibility.

It seems to me that we, as a people, are coming into a dangerous time that will soon leave us unable to turn back. A time that we treat others with contempt and come at them with accusations as if they were the enemy. Are they not our neighbor? What ever happened to that? Why do we see each other as something to overcome instead of friends to embrace? It’s like a tree entering into fall. With each passing moment that the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter the leaves begin to fall. I see humanity like the tree entering into fall. As time goes by and people commune less and fight with one another more and meanness and hatred fill our hearts the leaves of compassion and hope and friendship fall one by one – until winter is upon us and life has ceased. Unfortunately if Winter comes, I do not know if Spring can rise forth and bring life once more.

So for me, I seek Spring, I seek life beyond the anger and bitterness and mistrust that is before me. Everyday I will turn a blind eye to all of that and open my eyes to world that I choose to fill with love and kindness (whether deserved or not), to smile to those who do not smile, to show mercy to those who are raging, to listen to those that are speaking and keep silent, to speak to those that need to hear. I will take every opportunity to breathe the life that God gave me into the lives of others.


One thought on “Perfectly Perfect Imperfections

  1. How did you get to be so smart so young??? there must always be hope that’s why Christ died for us .. He is the spring.luv your blog keep up the good work.

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