And now for something completely different…

Lying awake in bed waiting for sleep to come, it never does and my heart beats violently inside my chest I can hardly catch my breath. My mind races and I turn over and over till I am curled up like a cocoon in my covers. I pull the sheet up over my head and clasp my hands on either side of my pillow pulling the sides tight over my ears. World, go away. Let me sink into the night, into the darkness where I can just fade away into the stillness and silence of sleep and dream?

I turned away and ran at times so fast and far that I came to a place that it seemed time to turn around and forge a new path on which to travel. And so I began walking toward a future I did not know in a direction I could not see, with only a lamp to guide my every step and a trust so strong that wings like eagles sprang from my back and I flew with a mighty strength, soaring above the mountain tops. But now that I have stopped to rest I find myself needing still waters and green meadows in which to rest. To drink living water and renew my spirit, a right spirit.

With a new perspective I put on new clothes and step forward in truth and victory over that which would seek to steal, kill and destroy. I have but one word to speak, one thought to think, one idea to confess and all is well, all is made right and I can step through the darkest night into the lightest light where no shadow is cast and singing rings from every where.

What love have I inside my soul, what truth rings true every time and no one can deny the fruit of that spirit.


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