A War of Words

I have been trying to figure out why the things people say affect me so deeply and why their words can evoke such a passionate rage and anger or elicit joy and peace? Why a single word can cause tears to fall like thunderous rain or a laugh to belt from the bottom of my belly.
Words are devastatingly effective in ways that can tear people down to nubs of nothing; can cause searing pain to the darkest parts of the heart that leave deep and gaping wounds or words can build a person up; can make them believe anything and everything is possible and nothing can stop them. Words can make them fly high above the mountain tops and allow them to walk with the confidence of being loved, of someone else proud to know you and have you in their life.
Perhaps these are just some of the reasons that when people speak I hear them deeply, strongly, personally? Perhaps it is why when unkind and unfair words pass from the lips of those I respect, of those I want the respect of – I am cut so deep and it ignites a passionate, blood-thirsty fire of anger and pain. And why so often tears fall from my eyes and soak the pillow beneath my face.
My hope is that I will think twice about how and what I say. That I will find a way to be kind and fair in everything that passes from my tongue to your ears. And also, that perhaps you, too, will think twice about what rolls of your tongue and through your slippery lips into the delicate ears of those you thrust your words upon. Not always is it necessary to share your thoughts and bestow that angry and mean burden onto others. It is not always what is best for you, but what is best for others, for their sake and not your own. That includes not always vomiting our displeasure about someone else onto anyone willing to listen, but instead thinking of every way we can edify that person.
Painstakingly difficult but a necessary deviation of our current behavior.
Worshipping God is more than singing, more than praying and reading the Bible, it’s a lifestyle of showing Jesus to all the world by edifying others, not griping and complaining. About repaying with kindness and sympathy instead of our idea of rightful vengence.
God will give me justice and in all things vengence belongs to him!


One thought on “A War of Words

  1. Boy, writing is certainly your niche! Your words flow so beautifully; your thoughts are cohesive, not rambling. The questions you raise are a delight to read; your inquiries touch the soul. It gives so much meaning to how we live, Katy. I love your words AND your thoughts. I think this post reflects the ponderings of someone who sees things in black and white, where gray isn’t an optional paint color. I know that because I think that way too.
    Love you! Roxie

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