Faded Mirrors

I wonder sometimes, from my own experiences- for that is all I know, why we long to run and hide from the truth. The truth of life, of reality, of the hardness of what life is and what it is not. There are times that we think we can see so clearly, and yet it is nothing more than that of a faded, old mirror, that gives us a distorted view of what life, our life, really looks like. What would it do to us if we could see reality in truth. In full light and understanding of who we are and where we stand in the grand scheme of things. How would that alter our life view? How would we approch life and family, and friends and strangers differently? And for how many of us would life remain the same? Would the truth actually alter anything that we do or say or hope for? And for how many of us, would the truth send us into a downward spiral of discontent?

It is difficult to really contemplate truth. To examine it with out placing your own perspective and damage upon it, it is a difficult task to undertake – and certainly in this life unaccomplishable without the tainted perspective of humanity. Why is it that we long to cover up and mask all that we fear with anything and everything that we can throw at it. Whether it is our job, working out, food, love, sex, drugs, music, faith, shopping or any other “thing” that we put up in front of us to protect oneself from the truth. What is your sheild? What is it that you throw up in front of you to save yourself from life, from truth. Some of those “things” are really good things to have in our life, but when we lose perspective and use it to hide behind instead of living thru we lose its purpose and meaning.

We can see no better than a reflection in a faded mirror. But in turn, in our faded, jaded, bitter piece of truth, what is it that we offer to others? What is it that we bring forth and give to those around us? Is it the anger? Is it the pain? Is it our hopes gone unanswered? Is it the faith that we thought was so deep and pure left unaccounted for? Without? Anything? How can we take all that and turn it around, even in our small minded ways, our rose colored glasses, and benefit others? How can we step out of our circumstance and conditional lives and love unconditionally even the least of the earth?

Perhaps it is time to take that marred image in the mirror and begin to search for that which can give us clear sight? For that which has provided life full and abundantly, and with great hope and promise. In all my choices, in all that I choose to expose myself to, I have learned that there is nothing like the hope and trust and clairity of Christ. I can drink, I can shop, I can fill my life with all sorts of busy-ness and yet, none of it will fill me. None of it will satisfy the hunger that roars deep within my belly and groans with the unquenching ache of light and joy and peace and shalom- everything as it should be.


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