Head in the Sand

There are times in our lives when we face unimaginable difficulty, times we wouldn’t wish upon anyone. And times we would give anything to change where we are at and not have to go through it. Those are the times when our character is refined. When we have no other choice but to face the darkness head on and shout, “do your worst,”as in one of my favorite movies, The Count of Monte Cristo. But what do you do when all your strength is gone and there is nothing left?

How do you face the day? Or the night? People tell you life goes on, but what if it’s all too much? What if you are tired of life moving on? What if that isn’t the way you want things? What do you do when all the world is stuck in this mindset that life happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it?

How do you transition yourself out of that suffocatingly thick nonsense? For one, you realize, very quickly, that it is a lonely place to be. Not because you are better or worse or different than anyone else, but because you had the courage to say no! The status quo was not enough. It is not OK and you were not going to sit idly by and let life happen. And the silence is deafening. And the conversation sparse – there aren’t many people who find their way there and so, not very many people to converse with and, consequently, lonesome.

Why is it, how is it, that we simply accept the flow of the majority. We are like waves tossed about by the wind with no clear direction, but a cosmic pulling from one way to another. That is no way to go about life! It seems to us that most people want something and it seems like a good idea and we follow along without much thought. Ever wonder how you ended up so far off course? That might be why. As a whole, as all of humanity, we have little encouragement to go our own way, to forge our own path; but much to move with the flow. Take a long hard look and you will see that we ended up way out here because we moved a little bit here, a little bit there and when we stopped to turn around and see our progress, we find we are no where near where we ought to be and the effort to find our way back on course seems to be too much.

How can we think this way? Is not our opinion, our voice worth something? Is not our hearts and dreams the breath behind our motivation? Perhaps not. Perhaps we have none. We only do what’s expected of us and nothing more. We have become drones in our techie, give it to me yesterday world. How have you accepted life as they told you it ought to be and nothing more? What can you say no to?

With so much going on in this world it is easy to put our head in the sand and hope for better days when we pull our head out. The only problem is when we do, we are still in the place we were before we buried our eyes down deep, only the landscape has changed a little bit.

If we are to live, and not just go about our daily life, but truly live life we cannot accept the status quo. We cannot merely accept what has been taught to us as right and true. We must stand up against all that we know, we must challenge it, test it, set it on fire. Not to destroy it, not to condemn it, not to mock it in youthful folly, but that what ever is true, whatever is right and good will withstand the test and be refined by the fire – like pure gold. Only then, when we have tested the right, can we’ recognize the wrong. Only then can we live in truth and peace. Only then can we over throw the status quo and raise a new level to which the generations will then be challenged to rise against.

“I’m not interested in preserving the status quo, I want to overthrow it.” ~Niccolo Machiavelli


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