Oh Happy Day, My Chains are Gone!

A series of unbelievable events have occurred recently in my life and it has made me think. Well, more than usual. I was in yoga bending, breathing, twisting and doing all the yoga things one does. And it hit me like a ray of sunshine.

The thought was this: God is God (duh, I know. Bear with me as I get there). And His Will will be done. And as a willing participant, that is to say, as a child of God actively seeking to follow after Him, I can conclude that His Will will be done in my life and there is nothing I can do about it. More plainly, God has a plan and He has it all taken care of, I don’t have to worry.

And that is my point.

Anybody who has ever had more than a 5 minute conversation with me could probably tell you that I worry. I worry about good things; I worry about bad things. I worry about a series of things five what if’s later, that may or may not ever happen. What has this worry brought me – nothing. And if I was a more astute student I would have realized that the Bible says that exact thing. Worry has never brought me anything, or added anything to my life; worry has only seen to distract me and keep me from other things, good things. I want to plan. I want to be prepared. I want to be ready (what a good boy scout I would make).

So, in the midst of yoga and prayer (I pray while in yoga – it helps me stay focused) about the unbelievable events and wanting only what God wants, it came to me  -He already has it all figured out. What on earth am I fretting for. Those unbelievable things are in His hand and whatever happens, it’s ok.

It’s a break through, one I know my mother will be grateful for. I just realized I was being silly. Who am I, but a silly little human trying to put God in a box again. He is bigger and beyond anything I can think of and still more yet. If my heart is one that is truly seeking God, then Him I will find and on His path I will be. I can’t go wrong! I can’t lose.

Don’t misread or misinterpret what I am saying. Because of the world we live in, one that is racked with sin and death and destruction and with those that oppose God, it is just a matter of time that we will face circumstances that are ugly and difficult and beyond ourselves. That is just reality. But in reality, it is ok. Why are those things ok? Because when we have God, no matter what happens in this life we will have eternity and isn’t that a far better place to be. This life is meant to be abundandt, as much as His goodness we can take in; but it is a matter of time before we face great suffering. How will you walk through it? How will I?

I think Paul said it best (Phillipians 1:21-24, paraphrased), to live is Christ, to die is gain. That is all it really comes down to in this life. Not to over simplify, but if we took this to heart, what joy, what freedom we would experience. When these revelations came flooding into my mind I realized I was no longer a slave to this world. I am free. That means I no longer worry. As a child of God every need is taken care of. That means He has abundance waiting for me if I will just walk through His gates. That means that nothing in this life matters more than the relentless pursuit of God, and all that that entails and the blessings that pour forth from that.

I am blessed. I know that. I can only think that is because, in the most humblest way, I pursue God  – even when I stumble and fall hard on my face, I still get up and continue on. Even when I choose disobedience for fleeting pleasure. I have had hurt, I have had pain, I have had suffering of all kinds. But in it all, through it all, has been Christ who lifts me up and gives me freedom and peace. And that is the Rock on which I stand. That is why I do not have to worry.

Oh happy day! Oh happy day that these unbelievable events have occurred in my life. I take what is given to me with a happy heart. I take what is given to me with a guarding spirit. I take what is given to me and turn it around to bless others. For nothing in this life will last forever, save the Word of God and the human soul.

Check it out: Phillipians 4:6, Matthew 6:25-34, 1 Peter 5:7, Phillipians 4:7


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