Vintage Moments

There is something to be said for the vintage things in life. As I age I realize that I want to leave a legacy. I want to have something to pass down to the next generation. Things that are special and sweet. Romantic, even. Things like my journals, my collection of thimbles I got from my grandmother and my teacups from my great uncle.

But it’s more than that. It is bringing back the femininity and romance in the everyday. So much of life just passes us by, I don’t just want to stop and smell the roses, I want to pick the roses and take them home with me so that I can plant my own little garden.

Life is sweet and oh so short. We spend so much of our time just trying to get to the next stage of our lives that we forget to live in the moment we are in. We lose ourselves in the future when we haven’t even created a past yet. And then when it has gone we reminisce about what it would be like to go back and do it all over again. Or about how life was better or simpler or just different than what it is now. We can never go back to the moment that has passed. We worry about tomorrow and fret about past regrets; the moment we are in is left to wayside.

Savor each sweet droppling of a moment. Pick it up, close your eyes and drink it in. All of it. And no matter the circumstance it will, in the end, all pass away. The situations, the wants, the have and have nots, the past, the future – they all will pass away. We cannot go back to the past any more than we can control our future. All you can decide is the moment you are in. How you will live, what you say and do and that will lead to the next moment and then the one after that. Yes, the action we take in this moment will affect the rest, but at least act. Don’t let life pass you by and then be caught sitting on the sidelines wishing for a time long past.


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