The Scarlet Letter

It’s easy looking in from the outside to judge, to criticize, to find yourself jealous, to think that others have it all figured out. They don’t. How often we wish for the circumstances of others to be our own. Truth is, if roles were reversed, it is unlikely we would be equipped to handle that situation. We would fail miserably or be even more discontented than before.

I am reminded of the figural scarlet letter I wear; that we all wear. There are things that have happened to us or that we have caused by our own action that leave us scarred.

When cattle is branded they take an iron and place it in a fire. It heats up until the black, cold, hard metal turns fiery red and they mark the cattle, scaring the skin forever. That is how it is with “scarlet letters”. We are branded, marked, scarred forever by a mistake.

How do you love when you feel unlovable? How do you smile and laugh when you know that others laugh at you. How do you show compassion and sympathize with others when your scarlett letter removes both compassion and sympathy?

I think that we are all too often quick to judge, to condemn, to turn away from others because of our own scarlet letter.


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