What good is lukewarm? To neither be hot or cold? To neither like or dislike, to approve or deny? To neither love or hate, to neither embrace or reject? What good is lukewarm?

Where can we be in this life if we are lukewarm? What does it produce? We are meaningless, fruitless, worthless creatures when we are lukewarm.

The worst place a person can be is in the midst of the nothingness that lukewarm waters hold. It is neither bursting forth life nor teetering on death. It does not shout upon the mountain tops nor sit silently by the shore. It is nothing. It can do nothing. It produces nothing. It is nothing.

We are called to be greater than nothing. We are called to produce fruit. We are made to feel and be something!

I am most ardently convicted of allowing myself to be fooled by this Babylonian culture of self absorption: the me, me, me world we live in. I am perplexed and disturbed by the suction of selfishness and the quickness and desire with which we bend to the will of others so as not to offend.

OFFEND! I say offend! Stand firm on the truth and do not waiver from it! Be a blazing fire of truth and right thinking! Do not back down, do not bow down so that you might keep a friend. Do not be like the wave tossed by the ocean. Or you will end up like the fool who built his house on the sand.

When will we arise and say enough is enough. When will we deny the power of others when truth is at stake. When right action is being foregone for the right-for-me action that is wide and plenty. Or worse yet, what can be done when we have become so enamoured and indoctrinated that we fail to see the path that is straight and narrow.

We always think that we will see the train heading right for us and be able to get out of the way before it knocks us over. The problem is it isn’t a train that is heading for us. It is the little things that grab our attention and distract us from what’s important.


One thought on “Lukewarm

  1. I disagree. We need people in the middle, many of those doing day to day labor, not making any waves, not upsetting the balance but rather holding that “luke-warm temperture” and getting done what needs to be done and allowing those of us that want to make waves; make them. Sometimes we need to back down because other people are weak and they really cannot handle the truth…..

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