Divine Revelation

I think God reveals himself to us when we least expect it and in ways we poignantly need. He speaks to me alot in my car. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps its because there isn’t any “noise” to distract me? I don’t know.

What I do know is that every once in awhile he will give me a momentary glimpse, a glimmer really, of who he is in all his fullness.

As I was driving home tonight he gave me just such a glance. And it was so simple. I think we try to make him big and complicated and unknowable. The more I learn the more I realize it is just the opposite. He is close, and simple and willing to be known – dwelling in and among his people.

Of all the wonderful things about him: his love, compassion, mercy, his ever present, all knowing self, his willingness to become human and die for me and you. In all of that there is still one thing that stops me in my tracks and quiets any discontent I might harbor regarding my current circumstance and my inability to understand his point of view. In everything that he is, I think this says it best:

He is always faithful toward me despite my inevitable unfaithfulness toward him.

How great he truly is!


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