Hide and Seek

Peek-a-boo and hide and seek are just two games we teach children. At first glance they seem harmless and silly; but in truth they teach harmful, subliminal mindsets that the human way is to hide from one another. And now, in this technologically advanced age, we teach children and even encourage social networking over social interaction.

I wonder how many kids sit around texting rather than chatting. Instead of bonding we connect thru a computer screen. How much less community can we invoke by allowing our lives to be run by who’s who on which site and who said what to whom.

I am just as guilty of this as the next person. This western culture has diminished our ability to interact and bond as a community. No wonder no one knows their neighbor and frankly doesn’t really want to. No wonder we are suspicious and judgemental of one another. How would our world be different if we stopped hiding behind computer screens and fake hello’s and not really meaning, “how are you?” and really engaged with one another? What would happen if we really opened our hearts and ears to hear what people have to say; to come out from beyond the proverbial fig leaf and exposed our hearts in the hopes that others will be brave enough to stop hiding also.


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