Contentment in any situation. An impossibility to achieve within the constraints of humanity and mortality. However, throw God into the equation and nothing is impossible. Suddenly a whole world opens up before you and everything is possible. The world is brighter. The mountain tops are bigger and brighter, the valleys are more shallow and wider. No longer little hills and deep ravines that plague a finite mind.

Trust. It is something I grip white knuckledĀ because few have ever earned it. But to with hold that from my creator, my savior, my friend – how ridiculous. I lost out on a job that I really wanted this week. And I realized it was okay. It wasn’t the end of my world. In fact, I was more excited after losing it than I was about getting it. Why? Because now, more than ever, I know that God has something bigger and better for me than that job. I know that whatever is coming my way, having that job only would have hindered what he created me for. I am excited for what’s coming. And for what is now right in front of me. I can never be certain that tomorrow will ever provide me the ability to live out the dream of yesterday. All I have is this moment. And for that I am glad. Why waste it worrying about what God has already figured out. I just have to be prepared to step into that role when it comes my way. I will no longer fret over the what ifs. They do not matter.

This moment is what is important. I am going to actively, relentlessly pursue that which God has called me to: to love him and to love others. All else, well, he can handle.

Such peace. His peace that passes all understanding will wash over me and I am renewed and afresh!

God is so good!


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