God is So Good

There never seems to be a better time for the soul to wrench out all its ponderings than at a time when it is in distress or turmoil; when all is not well with the soul. But, it seems when peace, joy and goodness abound there is little that pours forth from our lips. Our hearts are quieted and our minds still. And yet, it is in that time we ought, even all the more, pour forth our hearts so that we are not simply filling our tongues with grief and strife and complaints but with hope, joy and love.

Far better it would be if we rejoiced and exclaimed the goodness of our lives, the blessings bestowed upon us, than only to speak when we are disgruntled, angry or irritated.

If we could only find a way to live somewhere in between; or in the polar opposite emotions, pour out our hearts with the same soul searching, enlightening, and meditative burst that occurs in anguish.

Oh how my soul is dancing upon the stars tonight. How my eyes are a glow with the radiance of the goodness of God. I have fought long and hard with him at my side (and often in front) making visible the path I need, the life I desire, and the glory of his name. I am nothing without Christ and I am grateful for the stump he left bound in iron and bronze that in the midst of my rebellion he provided a way and a time that I would be able to grow again and produce good fruit. It is an awful lesson to learn – to be cut back, to be stripped of self -righteousness, pride and boastfulness. To be pruned of every rotten and disease ridden entanglement. But oh the joy when the time of chastening has ended and new growth, new fruit has begun to bud. And blessing after blessing abounds abundantly and with rapid expansion. Before I know it, the fruit will come ripe and ready and fall to the ground.

It is one thing to look back and see so clearly where God acted, where he blessed, where he corrected. It is quite another to know him, to seek after him, to relentlessly pursue him in a way that he allows the recognition of what he is pouring out into your life at that very moment. It seems but a dream that you never want to wake from. A dream that is too good to be true and yet, because he is God, it isn’t.

Trust me when I say I am well aware of the hand that holds me and the wealth of his blessing and love he is pouring forth into my life at this very moment. So much so that it passes all understanding. That when a normal disappointment comes my way it simply falls away. It doesn’t even phase me. God is so good.


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