V is Not Just for Vagina:Feminism vs. Femininity

V is for victorious, volunteer, voracious, valid, value, vanguard, vibrant, visionary, voluptuous, and vulnerable. These are words that could be used to describe the feminine and the feminist. Those terms, however, are not mutually exclusive; but rather overlap in a swirl of color that makes it difficult to determine the differences.

As a child born in the 80’s, growing up in the 90’s and now an adult in the 21st Century, I am aware of the pains and struggles that females endured to ensure that I would have all the privileges and rights that I enjoy today and take for granted because I was not the one who fought and struggled so voraciously and ultimately victoriously over.

Nonetheless, I am convinced that the feminist movement of the 20th Century did as much harm for women as it did good. I see how women have ventured so far to the other side of feminism that they disregard the affect the feminine has on the world. By asserting themselves with masculine tendencies (I think this is where our victory became short-lived), women unknowingly lost the power of the feminine and began fighting the gender battle in the same way as men.  Somehow, this has seen to not only revert some of the victories we have gained but, has placed an new glass ceiling that the next generation is fighting to break through. I believe that it is through use of the feminine that we will be able to do this, do it well, and without a power struggle.

By acting like and dressing in the feminine men are more likely to act with the same kind of respect demanded of international dignitaries such as the Queen of England commands and the President of the United States equally receive.

The feminist movement caused women to dress like the man with pants and collared shirts and suits so that they felt they would be seen as an equal. However, by doing so women caused men to treat them like men and without the respect a woman deserves.  This is not to say that women should dress in a manner that exposes the features that makes them a woman. That too causes men to treat women with disrespect. There is a certain power and respect and kindness that is afforded to women who act and dress in the feminine.

An example of this is something that happened to me yesterday afternoon. I was dressed in a sun dress with a sweater and sandals. I was walking into the bank. A man coming out of the bank dressed in a construction workers clothes held open the door for me. This, in and of itself, is not an unusual occurrence, except to say that I was not any where near the door. I had just stepped onto the sidewalk from getting out of my car. In my experience, men do not hold open doors for women they don’t know unless they are walking through the door as the other is coming out. He waited for me to get to the door. I thanked him with enthusiasm because I was astonished and felt respected. If I had been dressed in a “power suit” or some other type of clothing resembling that of the masculine, I do not believe that I would have encountered the same experience. Furthermore,  because I responded so positively to his act of service and respect, he is more likely to do that again.

Perhaps I am over dramatizing the event. In the weeks to come as I continue to explore the issue of the feminine versus the feminist you will draw your own conclusions about what I discover and share with you.

Coming up I am going to explore the following statement:

“Notable in the regard is the fact that the movement privileges individualism and western-style personal benefit over collectivism and the welfare of family and society.” – wikipedia 2011



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