V is Not Just for Vagina: The Call of Motherhood

The female is a powerful creation and so much of life rests within the female choice. And despite man’s dominance, none would be without a woman. Feminisim has succeeded in creating as many issues and problems as it sought to solve.

Issues such as family disintegration, sexual identity and roles, sexual freedom, education, marriage, parent/ child relationship, etc.

The first of many topics I want to discuss is that of the family disintegration. Feminism, in part, unintentionally ( I shudder to think that the result was intentional) lead to many of the problems we see in families and their functions. Much of the spousal issues then trickle down into the parent child interactions and the lack of respect and honor among any of the individuals.

“Notable in the regard is the fact that the movement [feminism] privileges individualism and western-style personal benefit over collectivism and the welfare of family and society.” – wikipedia 2011


Feminisim, whether inadvertently or overtly, has lead to much of the destruction of self, family, society, and nations. Keep in mind, I do not believe all feminist actions have been for the worse. Much good has come as a result and I am well aware of how feminism has allowed me simple things in life such as the ease of which I have been able to work and live. However, the feminist movement has lead women to put self and the idea of the woman above the good of others, such as family and soceity, and all have suffered. The privilege of individualism does not mean that we ought to choose it. No, rather having the choice alone should be enough. I can understand that not having the choice would cause one much bitterness, but the simple change of now having the ability to choose one way or another should be enough. Knowing that part of the current state of many family circumstances stem from the womans right to be an individual should cause a crisis for all.

Let’s look at a specific example: Choosing to become a mother versus a career.

Let me prefice this by stating that with our current economic situation I understand that this situation is not always a choice, but one of survival. I am not wholly speaking to such situations, but do warn those who yet have children.

“Children are not a checklist for “the perfect” life. Careful consideration and deliberate lifestyle choices need to be made when children are part of the picture.”

A female holds within herself the miracle of life.  And such miracles ought not be handled with such reckless abandon. Children are not a woman’s right, but when chosen, a duty. A woman ought to carefully consider her obligations both to her career and to the life she desires to bring into this world. When a woman chooses to birth another life, that life ought to take precedence over her own. It is devastating to that child to have a mother whose care is more for others or self than that of the child. If a woman chooses children it is only right that those children ought to have a prominent position in the life of the mother, even if it means giving up a career altogether or readjusting ones priorities so that the child then becomes the priority over the career. It is selfish and I daresay horrific for a woman to choose to be a mother and then relinquish those responsibilities of motherhood to others because it is more important to pursue her career. Children are not a checklist for “the perfect” life. Careful consideration and deliberate lifestyle choices need to be made when children are part of the picture – even if it means sacrificing self for the good and betterment of the child.

I posted on my facebook page not to long ago that God’s way always works. I know many people disagree if not in word, in action.

For example: God’s way = man and woman+marriage+healthy relationship+healthy sexual relationship+children

Human way: I do what I want any way that I want.

When man (meant to encompass both female and male) chooses to engage in unhealthy relationships, sex outside of the bounds of marriage, children out of wedlock – all suffer. I am interested if someone can explain to me where there is  a problem in the formula God created for the family unit.


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