Final Project Refinement and Outline

Central Question: How does Hosanna Home help women?

Theme Statement: Women who have recently come out of prison, are on the streets or  are in crisis come to Hosanna Home looking for a new start. They often arrive with little to nothing and in addition to addressing emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, they must first address the physical need.

Jot Outline:

Intro: anecdote, story of one of resident #1

-Layer in stats about women on the street, recovery programs in Washoe county, info about prison and crime/ drug or substance abuse, etc.

-Layer in info from Linda, director of Hosanna Home

-Go back to resident#1 and tell more of her story.

-Launch into resident #2 story.

-Layer in more stats

Talk about Esther’s Closet

-What is Esther’s Closet?

-Esther’s Closet is a local specialty boutique that helps women. It provides clothing to the residents of Hosanna Home, and is staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to and have a desire to reach out and change the lives of local women. This is done through personal shopping, assistance to grieving families with cleaning out the closet of a loved one.

-Tell anecdote of how Esther’s Closet has helped a local woman.

-Who are the volunteer’s? Volunteer’s for Hosanna Home and Esther’s Closet are Christian women who have heard about the program through their church.

-Introduce several volunteer’s and their experiences at Hosanna Home and Esther’s Closet.

-Layer in interview with Patty, a manager at Esther’s Closet

-Layer in interview with customer

-Layer in interview with volunteer

-Layer in stats on homeless and clothing, winter time versus summer, etc.

-How do they receive and sort donations?

-What kind of events does Esther’s Closet hold or support?

-How does prayer and Bible Study fit into a Specialty boutique?

-What role does music play at the store?

Transition into more info about Hosanna Home

-Layer in House manager

-Talk about resident #3 story

-Layer in volunteer @ Hosanna Home interview

-Talk about resident #4 story

Talk about resident #5 story

Go back to Linda interview and talk about how Hosanna Home was started, funding, etc.

Wrap up

Getting Involved: How you can Help: Links to Hosanna Home and Esther’s Closet, other organizations re: aid in substance abuse

Story form: Layer Cake

Included in the story could be a photo story of one the events and a quick profile on a volunteer and a map of where they are located. Also, I am looking into adding some audio and video to compliment, not duplicate, the story on the volunteer’s and the residents. I also plan on including photo’s of Esther’s Closet and Hosanna Home.


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