Final: beginnings

Gloria was liar and a thief. Her three girls wanted nothing to do with her. She had turned to drugs to make herself feel better, but nothing worked. Her life was headed in the wrong direction and in a desperate attempt to  reclaim power, she found herself committing robbery. The moment the police slapped the cuffs on her she sighed in relief and said, “Thank you, God.”

Most of Gloria’s life was riddled with bad decisions and substance abuse that ultimately led to prison. It was this punishment that forced her to make a choice about where her future was headed.  After she was released, Gloria found herself back in same environment that attributed to her bad choices. It was in that moment of veiled reflection, Gloria saw a glimmer of hope – Hosanna Home. Here was a chance where she could find a safe place to get back on her feet, learn to make good decisions, to take care of herself without reliance on the people and things that helped her down the path that led to destruction and she would be able to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Layer in stats about women on the street, recovery programs in Washoe county, info about prison and crime/ drug or substance abuse, etc.

Layer in info from Linda, director of Hosanna Home

Go back to Gloria and tell more of her story.

Launch into next womans story.

Layer in more stats

Talk about Esthers Closet

Layer in interview with Patty

Layer in interview with customer

Layer in interview with volunteer

Layer in stats on homeless and clothing, winter time versus summer, etc.

Layer in House manager

Talk about 3rd Womans story

Layer in volunteer @ Hosanna Home interview

Talk about 4th Woman story

Talk about 5th woman story

Go back to Linda interview and talk about how Hosanna Home was started, funding, etc.

Wrap up

Getting Involved: How you can Help: Links to Hosanna Home and Esther’s Closet, other organizations re: aid in substance abuse


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