River of Tears

Once upon a time life was full of promise and sweetness and nothing seemed to hinder the possibility of it all. And then the reality of life outside of a  fairy tale set in and wounds began to appear. Nothing seemed to quench the anguish I felt and no remedy could heal the mortal wounds within my soul. One, beyond all humanity, was needed to repair the damage of this world that had ravaged me so; without which I would shrivel up an die. Under his wing I rested. With his love I found life. And when I was well, I left this refuge to find my own way.

Somewhere between my head an my heart I have lost all sense of direction. I know not what to do except to shut the door on that part of my life, lock it up behind lock and key, and not turn back. It will soon fade into the darkness of my aching heart and my mind will build a wall to seal it off for good. It is the only way to see my way through. To leave behind what was before and begin again. Fresh and new with the tears of my past the river that floats me into the future. What else can I do? Where else can I go, except forward.

The night is dark and cold, I breathe deeply into the night and the heat of my breath is seen in the cold and I float aimlessly on my river of tears. Soon dawn will break on a new day and the warmth of the sun will warm my face and the darkness will be only a passing thought. The one who had rescued me once before will come to save me again. Guiding my path along the river to the place where it ends and I will find a place to step out and away from this river of tears. Before me I will find a new adventure, places I have never been, lands and dreams I never imagined and a goodness and joy welling up inside. Courage will push me forward and a strength I did not know before will emerge. The wings of the one will be my refuge and he will always lead me back to him.


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