Etsy – Taking Crafts and Creating Community and Income

What was old is new again. Repurposing, redesigning, reusing and creating new things from pieces. Crafting. It is one such trend. People have been creating, selling, and trading crafts for centuries and in a down economy ingenuity is the name of the game.  And, if done right, a hobby can turn into new income – with a little effort and, of course, your time and energy.

Etsy, a website launched in 2005 by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik with the idea that it would be like an open bazaar, market, craft-fair esque site in which any one could create, anyone could sell, and anyone could buy – think Amazon, Ebay, and your grandmother’s basement all rolled into one.

In this time of epic unemployment people actually have the opportunity to stop from the chaos that working to live can produce and take a look around. Sometimes amazing things come out of it.

“Etsy is more than a marketplace: we’re a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers,” the website states about the community that shares in the joy of crafting.  “Join a team, share ideas, attend an event in your area, join a streaming workshop or watch an archived one.”

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It is a social media platform of sorts that connects individuals to communities. In this time of epic unemployment and work is hardly a source of security, at least there is the joy of crafting – and for some a source of income they never have to “work” for.

Etsy is ahead of its time in using social media to leverage their “product” – they have a Facebook page with more than 600,000 likes, a twitter account with 1.5 million followers, and a personal blog dedicated to all things Etsy, in addition to many lesser known social media sites. They encourage experimentation and collaboration which is what makes them successful.

When you have nothing else, Etsy says create! And their proof is in their $300 million pudding profits.

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3 thoughts on “Etsy – Taking Crafts and Creating Community and Income

  1. I love this Katy-a lot of my friends make jewelry and they have been able to make some extra cash doing so thanks to ESTY. Nice job!

  2. Nice piece. I went to the ETSY site and learned that they launched a mobile app four months ago and they’ve had a million downloads already. There is also a delightful video promoting the app.

    • Thank you, Mike. I saw an article about that just the other day, on Mashable, I think. It’s amazing and definitely something to keep an eye on.

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