Victorious and Visionary – How the Past Leads the Future

How we speak, how we are heard, and what we can change when we speak within the power and context of the feminine is powerful and provides value to the future generations of this half of humanity. Women have always been able to accomplish mighty things when we take a stand and do it within the context of the feminine. Great women like Cleopatra, Esther and Elizabeth I used their femininity to position themselves and accomplish mighty things.

cleopatra_6Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and the last of the Ptolemy Dynasty, a Greek family that ruled after the death of Alexander the Great. She ruled Egypt after coming to power when she co-ruled with her father, 2 brothers, Julius Caesar, and Mark Antony.

queen-estherEsther, a Jewish woman who became Queen of Persia when she married King Xerxes. Through this marriage she was able to save the Jewish people from extinction by admitting her ethnicity to the king and because he loved her and respected her, he did not allow for their massacre. These events took place about 50 years after the Babylonian’s captured and exiled the Jewish people.

queen-elizabeth-iElizabeth I born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but declared illegitimate when her mother was executed when Elizabeth was just 2 years old. Through trial and triumph, Elizabeth succeeded to Queen at age 25 and reigned for 40 years, providing stability to the kingdom. Her reign was known as the Elizabethan era in which English drama flourished and playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe gained notoriety.

These women of the past have shaped the world in which we live and provided a footprint that others can walk in. Without their leading steps we would have a very different world. As women, we can learn much from them. Cleopatra, Esther and Queen Elizabeth I all lead nations. They stood strong in the face of those who sought to destroy them and with courage they defeated their enemies. They understood what it meant to be a woman and they used that to change the world.

Today, women have far more respect, knowledge, equality, and individuality than ever before, and yet, we are divided by the roles we take on and the responsibilities that we incur. We must find a way to take what we have gained in sexual equality and feminine ingenuity and be the role models of the young women born every day.

“Our value will be in honoring our womanhood and femininity, and offering to the world the wisdom that is held in this other, vital half of humanity. My dear friends, at this very moment, in every single city in the world from Nigeria to Nepal a girl is being born. These young ladies will become women in the new century. They will soon be looking to us for guidance on what their hopes, dreams and responsibilities will be in this new world,” said Josette S. Shiner, an editor for The Washington Times, in a speech she gave during the recent WFWP tours of Korea, Japan, America and Europe.

Women, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces. Homemakers, truck drivers, cops, judges, CEO’s, teachers, doctors.  Leaders and conquerors. We are victorious! And we must continue to lead the way for the next generation of visionaries!

Share your story about how you have been a leader to the women in your community!


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