Serendipitous Timing and a Vivacious Spirit = a Visionary Entrepreneuer

Vivacious describes Rebecca Ijekah. That is her “V.”[singlepic id=17 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Very few things in life give as much pleasure as seeing your dreams come true. There is a sense of accomplishment, respect, and a desire to do more. As a woman, a soon-to-be step mother, a fiancee, and an entrepreneur, Rebecca Ijekah is seeing her dreams unfold before her eyes.

“Serendipity,” is how she said she believes she became a business owner. Not too long ago she would spend hours in front of a keyboard, pounding away on keys and working long hours into the night…all for someone else. In a large corporation an employee has no ownership, even if they own stocks, the amount is minimal. She worked hard and was dependable but, a day came when she decided she was no longer going to spend her life making someone else rich. Fortunately for her and her fiance, the timing was perfect.

“Why am I doing this for someone else” Rebecca said.

Rebecca’s fiance, Randy Partain, had been looking for a business to buy for more than ten years. Nothing was quite right. When they came across Everlasting Health, a store for all things health and wellness related, they saw its potential and took the plunge. They have five practioner’s who offer a wide range of natural health and wellness solutions: Sandra Gerhardt, a licensed aesthetician; Dr. Toni Fain, a doctor of natural medicine; Linda Tierney, a colon hydrotherapist; Steve Sharp, a licensed massage therapist; Dr. Harish Aggarwal, an ayurvedic specialist; and Rebecca is a licensed massage therapist as well as a Feng Shui consultant.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge, the store offers a wide range of products from homeopathics to natural herbs and other natural products for all parts of life. They also offer a far infrared sauna room, which is believed to help rheumatoid arthritis patients, as well as help release toxins stored in the body. This is especially helpful for patients who can not exercise due to medical conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

“If the economy was booming, this would never have been possible, we couldn’t have afforded it,” Rebecca said. With anything in life there are risks. A new business comes with a set of pro’s and con’s; an established business has a whole different set.

“It might work, it might not. But it’s mine,” Rebecca said.

Many people fear making any kind of radical change, especially in a time of an uncertain economy. However, Rebecca is finding, that despite long hours and little sleep, as an entrepreneur she is working harder and longer than she ever has before, but in the end, she is helping the economy grow and making Nevada a better place.


9 thoughts on “Serendipitous Timing and a Vivacious Spirit = a Visionary Entrepreneuer

  1. I like it, Katy! And glad to know Everlasting Health is back. Maybe a graphic on small business failure rates or start up rates, just to add another layer of information, but it’s a very nice profile of an entrepreneur!

  2. Katy – I like the perseverance that Rebecca illustrates, especially in this tough economy. Perhaps provide the location of Everlasting Health? Is it here in Reno? Also, after preparing for the SEO class next week, I think you might want to shorten the title. Good story – nice to see someone following a dream and having it come true.

  3. Everlasting Health Center is located at 1515 South Virginia Street, between Plumb Lane and Mount Rose Street. We share the same parking lot as Sports West and Zephyr Books. We are in the same building as Plato’s Closet and Sushi Pier II, just around the other side of the building. Please do stop by and check out our store! We have a Far Infrared Sauna room and we have also just added an alkaline water machine so people can buy alkaline water from us also. We have vitamins, supplements, healthy weight management and sports nutrition products. We even carry many products mentioned on Dr. Oz. Thanks so much to Katy for writing the article, making the great video on Feng Shui, and to all of you for watching!

  4. Very well written blog. I love the direction that Everlasting Health is taking with the new ownership. The inside of the store looks so much better with the new paint and other improvements. Best of luck to the new owners, I will continue to support local business by shopping here for sure.


    • Thank you Jeff for checking out and reading my post about Everlasting Health. If you know of any business or topic you’d like to see discusses please don’t hesitate to let me know! I’m so glad to know that you support local businesses and I know Everlasting Health is grateful!

  5. Following you on twitter now, Just that I cannot write too much in twitter that I am reaching out to you through your website.But your “Contact Me” on this page is not delivering my email to you either, so I am hoping that you will get this.

    From my knowledge, I noticed many feng shui Consultants in the US uses BHB or compass feng shui. Just wondering if you are interested in exploring further into this Art with different masters.

  6. Lydia,
    My friend Rebecca is studying with a master, but I can connect the two of you if she is interested or you can contact her via her Facebook page.
    Thank you for reading and sharing!

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