How Star Trek Really is the Future for Nevada

As part of my masters program one of things we have been discussing at length is the future of journalism. Facing the fact that traditional journalism is quickly unraveling and what once was is no longer, is a little unnerving; but it is also extremely exciting.

Nevada, being in a similar predicament, should also find this time of history making as one of opportunity and excitement. Nevada has led the nation in unemployment, home foreclosure and a number of other statistics, that for all intents and purposes, is not something you want known as being number one.

Those that are intuative and inventive will find a way to not only succeed, but to thrive in such dire times. For the rest of us that don’t know what to do or where to go, I have thought about industries and opportunities that are nearly recession proof, or at the least, will always have need in society.

I turn to Star Trek. What does the future need?

  • Medical Care: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and most any other health care position will be needed in some shape or form. Even with all the medical advancements in the hypothetical Star Trek just a few hundred years in the future, there was still the need for a doctor on the ship.
  • Technology: technology will only continue to grow. It is not going away no matter how much many people wish it would. The need for and reliance on technology is going to continue to dominate the future. On the Enterprise, they still needed an engineer and those to run, troubleshoot, and repair any issues that come along with tech.
  • Green: the more energy efficient, less harmful to humans we can find and use energy, the better off everyone is. Throughout various Star Trek episodes and multiple spin offs, green energy and the search for more powerful, stable and clean energy was always a source for struggle between nations (er, alien nations).

A bit syfy, I know. Unrealistic, I think not. I would take this opportunity to seek out one of these three industries and position myself into one of them.

As you will notice, I didn’t talk much about journalism. That’s because we are still writing its future. While these three industries are not the be all end all to economic opportunity, they do offer a bit of a safety net.

As far as Nevada is concerned, these industries are already showing advancements and leading the way in economic rehabilitation. For example in the medical industry, the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s of Nevada is affiliated with the renowned cancer center at UCLA and US oncology. Nevada also offers medical programs at both universities in Reno and Las Vegas. Also, Renown, a hospital in Reno offers and institute for Cancer, heart and vascular health, Neuroscience and robotic surgery.

IGT, Microsoft, Intuit, Gametech, and Bally’s all have offices here in Nevada, specifically Reno. With more and more companies moving here to Nevada because of the tax opportunities, technology may find its new home in Nevada, leaving behind Silicon Valley.

Nevada has prime real estate for advancing the green energy movement. From wind, water, to geothermal energy available, it is a wonder that more companies aren’t rushing here to profit from the low hanging fruit of opportunity


3 thoughts on “How Star Trek Really is the Future for Nevada

    • It is amazing to me that people are not taking advantage of what is right in front of them. If the government took an interest in saving the economy and putting people back to work, they could do it in one move. Just like FDR and the New Deal, “green energy” would doth both!

  1. Katy, I love how you tied one of my favorite shows into our assignments for this week! If only our politicians could convince Washington that green energy is worth the investment! My fingers are certainly crossed.
    p.s. did you hear William Shatner on Fresh Air this morning? He’s 80!!

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