Boosting Job Growth

There are many ideas out there for boosting job growth. Some states are taking cues from other states. For example, predominantly union oriented states are implementing a right to work initiative that is thought to increase job growth in those areas. In addition, a myriad of other ideas are being bounced around and states are experimenting where they wouldn’t have before.

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Initiatives like federally funded grants, making changes to current free-trade agreements in order to increase exports from the United States to other countries, as well as “bribing” employers to increase payroll by hiring long-term unemployed (a minimum of 60 days) and offering the employer temporary tax subsidy’s are all tactics being utilized. Could any one of these work for Nevada, or a combination of them? Perhaps. But it seems, that the creativity and out-side the box thinking is coming more from the government than the states themselves.

Just like many other industries, spurring job growth may be related to tapping into niche demographics that have been hit hardest by the recession – women and minorities.  The Road to Good Jobs: Making Training Work presented data from all 50 states that showed on-the-job training and apprenticeships in the federal highway construction field for minorities and women.

“Millions of Americans are struggling with joblessness right now, especially people of color and women. These training and apprenticeship programs are a powerful way to increase job access and help them build careers, lives, and communities,” said TEN Executive Director Laura Barrett. “Some states are doing a good job of taking advantage of these programs, but too many aren’t even trying.”

Nevada is ripe with opportunity to institute an on-the-job training initiative as well as apprenticeship programs to educate unemployed workers in new fields that need specific training in order to be employed. This would not only boost employment numbers but could increase economic growth for the state as well.

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By offering employment with on-the-job training, unemployed workers would migrate to Nevada and increase economic growth by shopping and living there., an online shoe retailer, has just made a deal with the City of Las Vegas to lease the old City Hall building to provide downtown housing to its employees and creating a community.

If these types of ideas were implemented for more companies, Nevada would be a leader in economic development and growth. Couple that with green living in those communities, and Nevada would be a pioneer in a new way of life.


2 thoughts on “Boosting Job Growth

  1. I couldn’t agree more Katy. If only people realized what promise Northern Nevada holds for companies, they would move their operations here in a heartbeat! Great post.

  2. Those are all great ideas! Apparently wind turbine installers are in huge demand and it only takes a four week course to be training. Of course you have to be fearless because those things are really tall. But more of those kinds of programs and new thinking are what’s needed.

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