The Road to Recovery

I am not a lazy person, generally. And sleeping for two days is not my idea of fun. But, the day after surgery, I am feeling pretty good, considering. Certainly I do not want to over do it, I know that. Taking it slow will be something that I have to remind myself to do, but in the end, I hope to be healthier for it.

I did have endometriosis, and some scar tissue. The doctor cleaned it all out, and took a byopsy of a questionable area in my uterus. Being a woman has its glory moments, but it also has its downs. This is one of them. However, with the amount of carcinogens and radiation and all the other yucky stuff in this world, it is a wonder we aren’t all walking around with something…or maybe we are and ignorance is bliss.

Jokingly, I have said for years, “our generation is all going to die from cancer, its just a matter of what kind.” While I can now see how that might be a bit insensitive, the reality of it is quite striking. No matter my diagnosis, no matter the outcome, I will not let it stop me.

The morning of my surgery I started thinking about my life and what I have accomplished – to me it seemed I have left nothing of a legacy. I want to do more, and be more. As part of my recovery, I want to do more in the lives of others. I want to not only do things that make me happy, but focus on others and how I can help them to do more, find more joy, and really be a better person. By focusing on myself, I accomplish so little. By focusing on others, I can do so much more.

Sometimes, all I need is a little reality check. I checked, and the reality in my future is bright and full of life. I am excited for the moment I am in – not over doing it – and for the the moments that tomorrow brings.


4 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery

  1. Great attitude!! Take it easy for a bit, however I can see that nothing will keep you down for long!! Good for you Katy!

  2. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope there is no serious results from the biopsy. Cancer is a sucky thing. Both my parents have had it and my mom died from it. I hope that cancer is not the result. But whatever it is, I love your attitude. My mom always said there was something she had to learn from her battle and I believe that attitude helped her live longer. Good luck with recovery and relax. It isn’t brig lazy when you just had surgery it’s relaxing and recovering and very necessary. Find a good book to read!

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