Love Once Lost

Love once lost and since forgotten, let go to fly away in hopes that one day it would return unchanged,  and yet an impossibility. For change is a certainty I cannot deny. And yet, the prospects of what I desire is before me, and so much more than I could have asked for.  A second chance for first love. I have never known my heart could be filled so wide and deep with words I do not know. It found me and pulled me from the empty; I knew not what life was until the moment you found me.

What dreams may come and go, what hopes I have for a future untold. I know not how our life will play out or what tomorrow will hold. I fear the searing loss of your love, of your hopes and dreams leading you away. If that is our path, so be it, for God gave you to me for such a time as this and whatever comes our way will be.

What dreams we dream for a hope dare not touched. Set upon a shelf for a time better remembered. Now, it stares me in the face, calling my name day and night. I push it aside and ignore it until the screaming silence is to much to bear. Now Love and I stand face to face, squared off in a showdown of wills. Who is stronger, will I resist or let my heart bow before the thing I cannot control. You, who is everlasting; I, that is mortal with moments ticking away from every breath I breath. Trembling moments of uncertainty remind me that I am alive and searching for the unknown. What will be will be and my heart is stronger for it. My life, my dreams, my hopes and prayers rest upon the possibility that Love will once again find its way into my heart and light a fire that will never die.


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