The Remarkable Me

Throughout my graduate program I am finding some ideas that are being repeated. One of those concepts is to figure out what is remarkable about me, my brand, and emphasizing that to drive enthusiasm and desire for that brand. As part of the program, I am required to gain real world experience through a summer internship.

Finding an internship to accompany my graduate degree is proving to be a more difficult task than I had first anticipated. After having applied for more than a dozen it seems that in combination with the vast number of qualified candidates including out of work Master’s degree holders, my chances of finding not just an internship, but the right internship might be futile.

Futility or not, I will not let it stop me.

Like my graduate director says, “this is not your life’s work.” Reconciling that concept is hard. I have spent the past decade in a job that I excel at, not doing my life’s work. I am bored of it. I want a chance to explore and dive into head first “my life’s work.” I want to make this place we call home a better place. I want to inspire change, be creative, and encourage others to be a better version of themselves.

Making yourself remarkable in an environment that is full of remarkable and unremarkable people is no easy feat. I have always been a person that, while on paper I may not come across as the right candidate, in person I make a good impression. And my track record in the work force adds to my likability.

That too, is no longer enough…so what is a girl to do?

Last week, I listened to a woman talk about a business she and her husband started and grew into a multi-million dollar a year business. This is a person to take notice of and pay attention to any advice she may have to offer. The most important point I took away from her: ask. No one knows you want or need something if you don’t tell them and they won’t know how they can help you if you don’t ask them specifically.

Could the answer to finding the right internship that will help me in my search to dive into my life’s work be that simple? And then I begin to analyze a simple 3 letter word. What do I ask? How do I ask? What is the right protocol? What is an appropriate way to approach asking?

As in many things in this girl’s life, one aspect often mirrors something else and often much deeper. Asking begs the next question: What do I do once I receive?

I do not pretend to have the answers. Or any answer, for that matter. What do I know? Wherever I end up I will make a remarkable, dedicated, hard-working, and very capable employee. I am eager to learn, and learn quickly, applying what I have learned in traditional and innovative ways. I listen and read well between the lines and more than anything else will represent myself with honor and integrity, therefore also representing the company in the same way.

What makes me remarkable? Honesty, honor, and integrity; a genuine heart, with a warm smile, and compassion for others.


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