The secret to contentment is being satisfied now. There is a huge difference in being happy and being content. Happiness is fleeting. Here for the moment and gone in the next. Contentment is satisfaction regardless of the circumstance. Very rarely are people content. More often people indulge in the fleeting moments of happiness and try to live on the high long enough to leap into the next one.

As most anything worth something in this life, satisfaction and contentment is an attitude. It is easy to see your circumstance and not be able to see beyond that. To focus on the temporal instead of leveraging what is before you to benefit you in the long run.

By taking a moment to consider the severity of the situation and looking for opportunities to move forward, you can take a difficult circumstance and turn it into satisfaction which leads to contentment.

By focusing myopically in the right now, we cut off any opportunity for new innovations, opportunities, and a renewed sense of joy.

Continuing in my search for an internship, I am not taking NO as a final answer. I am pursing more leads in the hopes that the one God is directing my path toward comes into focus soon. This search is building resilience so that when I finally enter the workforce at the end of this year, I will be able to seek and find the right place to start my new career! For now, I am content in the place I am at knowing that what is good will come in the right time.


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