What if Men Had Babies?

What if men were capable of having children? Would women have an equal standing in the workforce or would they still continue to experience the same inequalities? While I realize that this can never be a reality played out, I cannot help but wonder what would happen if it could. Would women be portrayed any differently in the work place? In the home? And in terms of responsibility? Women have an amazing job and responsibility in bearing children. But, just as much as it is a woman’s job to carry a child in her belly and give birth, it is just as much the father’s responsibility to be a father.

Men and women alike should not discount the role of women both in the workforce and in home life. The recent revelations about the secret service and on the Today show this morning, it begs the question, do women in the workforce keep men from acting like “knuckleheads”? Or rather, do they bring a certain leveling to the environment. Do men behave better when women are around? Or do they bring out a different level of perverseness that without their presence wouldn’t exist?

These are all good questions. I do not have the answers. I just wonder, if the roles were reversed would anything be different? What do you think?


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