Comfort or Possibility

As children our parents do their best to make sure all of our needs are met and that we are comfortable and healthy. As we age, we learn those habits and tips and tricks in order to recreate that same level of comfort and peace. When we finally move out of the house and into our own we continue the cycle to ensure our comfort in our new place. In every new adventure and journey we take, we do our best to recreate the comforts of home so that the strangest of places can be familiar.

The past five months have been a constant exercise in recreating the comforts of home. I have been stretched and pulled in new directions that have tested my limits both emotionally and mentally. The journey has been a difficult one that at times have let me tear stained and drained. It is no surprise that we will do everything we can to fight change and keep things the same. After all, we have been trained so specifically throughout our life that we expect and purposefully choose to keep things the same.

When we move from one place to another, most people tend to move their possessions from one place to the next and then arrange them in as close to the same way as before. We do this so that despite the walls, and maybe the carpet being a little different, it still looks and feels the same.

The same holds true in our relationships, the workplace and in our hobbies. No matter where we go, in as much as the former place felt like home and made us happy, we try to make the new the same as the old.

But then, what’s the point of the new? Why not let come and let go? Why do we hold on to the past and fear the future? Why do we not embrace it, run toward it with full force and envelope our lives in the unknown and unwritten future.

Why do we worry about what if’s and become consumed with what was comfortable regardless of the possibilities the are wide open before us. It takes a strong and determined person to let go and let come. To move beyond the past comforts and embrace the future unknowns. Come what may, only the strong will run into it.

So how do the weak move into a new future and let come and let go? Slowly, with a single step, a single choice and sticking to it.

My new adventure? Leaving behind a job that I was very good at and moving into a position that I know I can do, but am unsteady and unsure. With the support of family and friends I took a single step and now am standing at the edge of possibility!

Do you have a story about leaving behind comfort for the unknown? Share it here!


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