How young is too young?

How young is too young?

No one is an expert at parenting when they have their first child. So, it goes without saying that parents make mistakes. Some are serious, some are not, and some we simply question.

The other day I was watching the news and I saw a story about a woman who allows her 4 year old to wear make-up, and fairly regularly. It’s the regular part that I am not sure is such a good idea, but, hey, I’m a single woman with no children and needed chihuahua, what do I know?

I have talked to many friends and co-workers about the way I see others in public raising their children, and let me just say, this is one topic I am very opinionated about. I don’t understand how parents let their children tell them what they are and are not going to do; how they let them roam around stores and doctors offices with little supervision, if any at all; and when they throw a fit, out of desperation or convenience let them.

I thought parents were in charge? Clearly I missed the memo about that baton being passed on to the kiddos. Or, maybe that happened when our children started having children. I don’t really know.

Back to my original point, is it right that this woman allows her child to wear make-up? And not just as pretend or dress up, but as a real part of her social and public life? I’m not saying that it should become some sort of law, that would be ridiculous. Why does she think its a good thing?

I don’t know that it is necessarily a bad thing. At least she is spending time with her daughter and teaching her how to apply make-up and that it is for special occasions. And, the most important part, the mom is not forcing her child to do it. It is a bonding experience for the both of them.

I think my only issue with this is the very fine line she walks in raising her daughter. Is make-up that important? As an adult I can say an adament yes and no. I am glad to hear that this woman only lets her do it for special occasions and that she treats it as an opportunity to bond with her daughter.

In this case, it isn’t truly harming anyone, even the daughter. But, I think it is a fine line that can be crossed with a bat of the eyelash.


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