I LOVE to shop. I LOVE clothes. I LOVE shoes and accessories, and pretty much anything feminine, lacy, pink or purple, with scaloped edges, or fufu-y.

But, it is no secret that the shopping options in Reno are, well, limited. And the boutique’s that are around are expensive. For a graduate student with a sense of style and quality a necessary part of that style, it is difficult to mix the two.

Why is it that Reno lacks so much in quality, unusual, feminine shopping. Yes, we have Macy’s and Dillard’s and the run of the mill name brand clothing stores, but there isn’t a place that is really great that isn’t name brand. I would love to see something that offers quality clothing, accessories, and knick knacks, that is all of the above descriptions that might also be a place to hang out, drink tea or coffee and biscuits or cucumber sandwiches. You know, a girl’s place?

I recently started my Pinterest account and have found a whole new world out there…why not here? It’s hard to buy local when the options are limited.

We are seeing a revival in downtown Reno and the available food options with hip and trendy new restaurants, perhaps the fashion industry will be the next big revitalization?


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