Newspapers Are Not Dead

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, check out our blog…these are all common phrases that have found their way into our vernacular and for many accept it as the norm. However, there are still places where tradition is the way to revitalization. It is how history is remembered and the future is preserved for tomorrow.

“The newspapers job is to keep the country free and they do this through scrutiny.”

“We made $236 profit last year. Don’t laugh, its more than a lot of metro’s make.”

“If they could publish a little bit of history everyday, they could figure out how to solve other problems.”

These were all quotes from a story that Today ran on their program this morning about a little town called Silverton in Colorado. They describe social media as a face to face engagement. It is no wonder that a tiny town in a bowl of mountains in the middle of the Rockies would be absent from the social media sphere and strive to resurrect the newspaper.

Video clip from the Today show about Silverton, Co

It is remarkable that this little, once abundant mining town would turn to journalism to keep it’s history alive, record tomorrow’s history and learn from the past a way to forge a new future. In a town where the coronor is also a waitress, it makes sense that a thing (a newspaper) that once told its readers what the news is, is now turning to the community to find the news of the town and in order to keep alive a tradition that is slowly dying in the large metropolis.

Perhaps journalism has hope after all. Perhaps all is not lost and there is a place on the very large, broad scale and the very small. It is only the in between that is in great question.

Social media is quickly taking over the news. And the question of who is a journalist, what the line is, what the standards are have all been called into question. Some journalists are retiring, some are retooling and some are forging a new job description either by going with the notion that social media is the future or by creating something new in the hopes that it sticks.


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