Filling the Time in Reno

When graduate school started I intended to work. I had worked and went to school full time as an undergrad. I know I missed many extracurricular activities, but my grades and even my learning suffered as a result. This time, I knew that school had to be my number one priority.

Unlike the previous decade, work became a part-time engagement. When second semester started, working part-time and going to school was an absurd notion. One month into the spring semester I stopped working. I remained as an on-call employee. At first, the arrangement worked. However, when school ended I had nothing to do.

The plan was to fully immerse myself in an internship. Unfortunately, my plans and reality did not merge. In addition to searching for an internship, which is necessary for graduation, I have been looking for things to fill the day. Shopping, one of my favorite activities, is a natural choice. In the biggest little city, shopping is limited. After a few weeks, it is no longer fun.

So the question becomes, what is one to do?

Some options in the Reno area are:

Idlewild Park and downtown along the river walk are nice options for a little water, a little sun, and some walking. But, during summer events, those places can be crowded with locals and tourists.

Virginia City is always an interesting place to visit. With a long history of the wild west, reports of ghosts and haunting and a railway of the valley, there is only so much to see and do.  After several years of seeing the sites, the history doesn’t change.

Tahoe is an option that never loses it’s appeal. However, with gas prices over $4 a gallon, the hour drive is an expensive trip. I love to bring my Scrappy with me, but not all places are dog friendly. Plus, you either need to bring a picnic lunch or pay for it – which is expensive also.

So, when income is limited (free is always the best option) what is a girl to do?

Do you know what to do in the Truckee Meadows? Let me know!


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