Fashion Trucks, say what?

This is a picture of Lodekka

One of the advantages to having a lot of time on your hands you get to hear about really cool stuff. This morning I was watching the Today show and saw a piece on fashion trucks, bringing fashion to the streets a la food trucks. Genius! Oh how I wish we had something like that here in Reno.

Today’s video on fashion trucks

This is definitely revolutionary…well at least innovative. Putting a bricks and mortar on wheels and curating the best deals, hottest fashion and unusual finds – what could be better? Not much…unless you had mani/pedi on wheels – with martinis!

This is a great way to solve a small problem for both the owners and the shoppers – how to get people to buy. By bringing the shop to you, the owners have created a way to make it easier to shop and buy. By making it convenient and easy and taking the hard work out of scouring for the best deals, this is set to become as popular as food trucks.

I love this idea and can’t wait for my next trip to San Francisco to see one of these in person!
Here is a list and link to their website, take a peek:

Happy Shopping!

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