The Agony and the Ecstasy of Swimsuit Shopping

This past week I ventured down a path that I think for most women is the most dreaded shopping trip all year – swim suit shopping. Even for the most self assured, beautiful woman shopping for a swim suit brings out the worst fears, the most self critiscism and self doubting I think any woman could experience. Even more so than lingerie or even at the prospect of nudity. But why? The public showing of our bodies that for most of us remain covered and secluded in all the right spots.

How do we overcome this agony of swim suit shopping and rise above to finding the perfect suit and feel good in it?

  • Be realistic and honest. Our bodies change as we age. What we looked like last summer is not what we look like this summer.
  • Don’t worry about the size. When we try to squeeze our tush and other squishy parts into the size we think or wish we are, all it does is accentuate the bad. The suit should lay flat against the skin, not snap tight gainst the bone.
  • Have fun with it. While black and white is classic, color brings warmth, life, and fun to what can be so revealing.

  • Try on different styles. Just because you found one style last year or the year before that you felt comfortable in doesn’t mean that you should stick with it. One of the hottest trends right now is the retro style from the 1950’s – glamourized and made young and fun with trendy colors and patterns.


  • For those that need control in the bust or the tummy, look for suits that offer support. Spanx has come out with suits for all body types that will help hold in and keep from jiggling around and falling out. The last thing anyone wants is be playing in the water and have a wardrobe malfunction.

Swim suit shopping doesn’t have to be an agonizing experience. Be open minded and try many different styles. As for me, I prefer a one piece or tankini for a single purpose – wearing a bikini makes me feel like I am in my underwear. That aside, I try to remember that I am not 16 any more and I don’t have a sixteen year olds body. Keeping these tips in mind helpped me to find a beautiful turquoise one piece in a halrter top. A great end to what could of otherwise been a disasterous experience.

Do you have a funny or enlightening swim suit experience? I would love to share your story!


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