NYC Mayor Forces Breastfeeding

There are times in our history, both personally and politically, that we must pay attention to what is happening in our government. I read several articles (all you have to do is Google it, here is one from the Christian Science Monitor, but Slate and several others shared a similar one) that said that Mayor Bloomberg had ordered nurses in the NYC hospitals to lock up formula and force moms to breastfeed.

While I, as well as just about any woman will tell you, believe that breast milk is best, it isn’t always possible. Now, I do not speak from my own personal experience, but the woman in the story I linked to is familiar with childbirth and breast feeding difficulties, not to mention the many friends I have had that were unable to breast feed for very long because they could not produce enough milk or were unable to keep up with demand.

While I do not always agree or support the choices of women, I do believe that women (in most cases, not all) have the right, and expertise, to decide what’s best for their body and their children. When did it become alright that a man should decide what’s best. No matter the knowledge or expertise in the subject, they have no personal experience or understanding of a woman’s body and the things we go through. The best they can ever have is a removed, scientific understanding. Men should in NO WAY be able to dictate or choose whether or not a mom breast feeds. Nor should women be made to feel ashamed or a failure because they choose to or cannot breastfeed.

Women must voice their opinion. No longer are we pressured by social norms to keep our mouths shut and be seen and not heard. Those days are long past and when it is clear that lawmakers have crossed the lines, it is our duty as American citizens to tell them they are wrong!

Tell Mayor Bloomberg he is wrong:

Email the Mayor’s office:

Or contact him via Twitter:  @NYCMayorsOffice or his personal Twitter: @MikeBloomberg


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