Personal Politics

Religious conviction and political or personal ideologies often conflict in this right to freedom of thought, speech, and exercise of action country, and young generation. It is no longer acceptable to believe strongly in something when it opposes the views and beliefs of someone else. No longer do we have the freedom of speech without the threat of offense or disrespect of others. Often people equate a disagreement of life choices based in faith as a negative judgement against the person.

It is a whole different level of debate when personal choices or beliefs are in direct contradiction to what our faith teaches. And trying to reconcile and explain it to the masses in a way that doesn’t offend but expresses a clear stand in a particular area.

The upcoming election is spurring debate in all sorts of hot zones and can cause deep caverns of division between friends, family, and co-workers. How do we find balance in not caving to social pressures and standing our ground in the conviction of our faith. And what do you do when what you believe is in opposition to either the greater society or personal ideology or faith?


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