Book Critique: Anne Lamott “Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith”

Plan B book coverAnne Lamott’s book, “Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith” is an easy read and engaging. It is fully independent of her previous books, but encompasses some of the stories she touched on in those books. I am impressed that all her books have been about the same topic of faith, yet so different. I connect with this woman who is so radically different from myself, and yet, we are the same.

Of all of her books I read, I enjoyed this one the most. It was deeper, truer, and poignant as the words and stories echoed my own life. As a writer I enjoy her easy-going and relatable style. She engages the reader with a playful tone and a “this is my life” attitude. She is who she is and it seems at times when her faith both defines her actions and contradicts those actions, she admits to struggles and decisions that many people hide.

She treats the reader with enough respect to be transparent and not act as if she has it all figured out. Readers like the mess. Messy lives are relatable and refreshing, but selfishly, make us feel better about our own situations. It goes back to the idea that judging someone for their choices is unfair unless you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, but reminds us that we are glad for our own circumstances and not having been dealt someone else’s.

Honesty is not something most of us are comfortable with. Anne Lamott faces the reality of her life, presents it in a way that comforts the reader and doesn’t try to pretty it up with excuses or reasons other than “this is it” – unapologetically. I appreciate her candid nature and willingness to stand proverbially naked.


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