A Cluttered Life: 5 Reasons to Declutter

One of the reasons I started blogging was to document my journey to simplify my life. I thought I had done a good job of shedding unnecessary possessions from my life. But I find that decluttering my life is more than a one time act. I liken it to a snake shedding its skin – in the right season the snake sheds its skin to make way for the new. I find myself in a season where I need to shed my “skin” or my possessions of the old to make way for new.

Storage Unit1I went to my storage unit today and pulled out three boxes, took them home and sorted through them. I managed to get rid of one box, and made another one for donation and a third to go back to storage. It isn’t easy getting rid of things, but many times we hang on to stuff in place of people or relationships. So, when the old has ended, its time to leave those things behind.Storage Unit2

In my case, I feel better giving the stuff to people or places that will use it, rather than just dumping it. There are many places in Reno that take donations, I like Esther’s Closet or Hosanna Home.

So if you have a storage unit or home full of an old life or memories that are better left forgotten, try shedding your old skin and donating them.

5 Reasons to Declutter

  1. Take the emotion out of it: Remember, unless it’s a one-of-a-kind, high quality piece or a family heirloom, you can always buy another one. 
  2. Evaluate what’s important: Do you really need duplicate (and in some case triplicate) items?
  3. Styles change: It is said you should update your design in your home every 5 years. Realistically, most of us will probably update closer to every ten years. Moving or an ended relationship are good excuses to change styles and try that bold print or bright color you have always wanted to.
  4. Affordability changes: As we age, generally our income increases and what we can afford changes. When once $100 seemed expensive and a budget stretch, now may seem like a bargain. Also, in a still unstable economy, having fewer, streamlined possessions, makes moving easier and less expensive.
  5. Less stuff = a healthier life: When you own a lot of stuff it makes cleaning much more time-consuming and allows for  more places for dust and other allergens to get trapped. Also, many people are filled with the desire to “keep up with the Jones'”. By decluttering and streamlining, you have what you need and really want, without feeling like you must have the latest and greatest. It is a style all your own.

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