Storify: Michael Moore calls for release of Sandy Hook Crime Scene Photos



Michael MooreThis morning I came across a tweet by my local news station that was reporting that Michael Moore is suggesting that the crime scene photos from the Sandy Hook School shooting should be made public. Michael Moore, made famous by his social critique of American society with documentary films like Bowling for Columbine and Sicko


Regardless of my personal opinion about the NRA, the victim’s and their families deserve closure and respect. Making these photos public would surely insight outrage on both sides and create more problems than it solves. Not to mention that if they were released, it would make it easier to release other crime scene photos. Don’t our children deserve some kind of protection  from the violence in the world? Isn’t it our responsibility to protect them? By releasing them we create a scenario for greater desensitization of violence that will lead to an apathetic scene photos from the Sandy Hook School Shooting should be made public in an effort to bring down the NRA.

Here is the Storify I created telling this story and participating in the debate:

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