The Jonah Epidemic

JonahWhat is it about faith that we boast its value, it necessity, and then when asked to trust God, to choose his way over our own ideas and choices we often forego the decision of the omniscient One and believing that we know better choose our own path. Or sometimes, in blatant disobedience we opt for the direction that is most pleasing to our senses and the least offensive to our preferences.

This is what I call the Jonah Epedemic. We as Christians are plagued with free will. Many times we hear the voice of God calling us to a place, person or people, or area of need and because of the distaste we have or our preconceived notions about it we reject the voice of God and choose our own path. The problem with this is that God allows us to do just that. He gently calls us, nudging out hearts to choose his path and we ignore it. Finally, God gives us over to our own devices. The result? In the case of Jonah, our choices lead us to a situation that ends up far dire than the path God had laid out for us. When we finally repent with humility, He, in his ever pursuant grace, leads us to place we were so determined to avoid and we are happy to be there. Anything, to be far from the desperate place we just found our selves to be. The best part, despite our Jonah like efforts to foil the plans of God we are never beyond his saving grace and out stretched hand.

Jonah : Read the whole story about Jonah


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