Why I Love Mobile Coupons

mobile_couponsEveryone loves to save a buck, especially when little effort is involved. When I discovered the Kroger app on my phone for my local grocery store (Smith’s) I was hooked. I would scroll through the app, find the products I normally buy or think I might buy and add them to my card. At checkout they are automatically applied – almost no thought involved and on average I would save $5-10. Not bad.

I started thinking that it would be great to save even more with other coupons, but to be honest I don’t have the time to cull the Sunday paper or online sights just to collect, print, organize, and then remember to bring the coupons with me. Not to mention, I don’t particularly want to print out coupons and then have to present them in store. It’s just too much effort and waste of a tree.

I would love a coupon App that carries the brand coupons and have the ability to add the ones I chose to my loyalty card (or cards). In the meantime I found a list of apps that come close:

These are the ones I have found, but not all Apps have availability in all areas (i.e. 8coupons is NYC only, but looking into other major markets).  If you know of any other Apps or sites that offer great mobile or electronic coupons I’d love to hear about them, feel free to share them below in the comments. Also, if you have any tips, feel free to share them also.

Here is a link to a story The New York Times wrote about some of the apps I listed above.


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