3 Reasons to be on Social Media

Social Media Meme courtesy of seomoz.org

Social Media Meme courtesy of seomoz.org

Social media marketing is more than playing on Facebook and pinning to Pinterest. It requires thought, strategy, hard work and commitment. But, before you can develop a strategy, you have to be present on social media.  Whether you are already a believer or not, social media marketing is the future. It will be essential for conducting business.

Social media marketing is an important part of your marketing, customer service, and community presence. It is more than having one or several social media accounts. Participation within those sites is key to making it successful. It takes commitment and work in order to develop your brand on line.

So getting on board early, rather than later, will give you an advantage over your competition, establish your company as an industry leader, and prepare you for the evolving technologies, tools, and best practices.

Here are 3 reasons for you to jump on social media & develop a strategy:
  • Competitive Advantage – we all want it. We all need it. Social media marketing provides an innovative way to introduce your brand and what you offer to a geographically limitless community. Anyone who is interested in what you offer can seek you out. But, you have to be able to be found and the only way to do that is to be part of the social media world. Simply having a Facebook page, a website, a Twitter account or Pinterest page isn’t enough. Being present is a good start but in order to have the advantage, participation is key. Think of it as a cocktail party. Showing up is the first step, but you have to mingle, start a few conversations, listen, respond and be willing to collaborate. It is a delicate balance and one that has no secret formula. But, the more you do it, the better you get. If you want to have an advantage over your competition, and who doesn’t, then having a social media marketing strategy is key.

“Think of [social media] as a cocktail party.”

  • Leadership -it is imperative. When your current or potential customers are seeking you out they want the answer to one question: why should I choose you? If you have established yourself as a leader, an innovator, understanding not only your product, but what your customers/ community wants in your product then you will be able to cater to them on a personal level. Being on social media in the places your customers already are and participating in the conversations that are already happening around your product, brand, industry will help to establish your leadership in the industry. The willingness to be present in the online social world is just the first step. Providing relative content, listening and not just lurking in the social world, and providing opportunities for your community to get involved with your company will enforce your leadership role.
  • Technology – some love it, some abhor it. Despite your feelings toward technology and social media tools, if you aren’t active and up to date on the trends and tools, you will be left behind. It is clear that the social media world is not a fad. It is not going away. It is increasingly becoming an integral role in successful businesses. Without this medium for marketing, listening, and responding to your customers/ community, you will eventually be so far behind the curve you will become obsolete and the potential to harness this avenue for customer/community interaction will likely be unavailable or unattainable.

Here is an infographic by Mediabistro.com about social media statistics:

This infographic is courtesy of mediabistro.com

This infographic is courtesy of mediabistro.com


4 thoughts on “3 Reasons to be on Social Media

  1. Thanks for the handy infographic. I have just changed one of my blogs to include reviews of customer service. I pose that service is the biggest product that one can offer. I think that proper use of social media provides a service before the customer has left the house, so to speak. Stop by and help my sharpen my pencil.

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