5 Things to do Before Receiving a Service

french-manicure-nail-salonWhat do you do when you have a service done and you don’t get what you requested?

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If you’re like me, you ask a question or two, hoping they get the message, but don’t really rock the boat because you don’t want to upset the person giving the service. Now, I’m sure you are saying to yourself I got what I deserved because I didn’t speak up. And to some extent I agree with you. But the question remains how do you say something without offending the provider.

I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of someone who did speak up and was recipient of some horrific retaliation. The last thing I want to do is make a scene or offend anyone.

This morning I decided to pop over to a local nail salon to have my nails done. They received good reviews on Yelp so I felt comfortable going to a place I had not been to before. When I mentioned that I wanted pink and white gel and then asked for the price – I was quoted an amount. I said okay and sat down with the lady and upon inspection she said, “these aren’t acrylic.”

I proceeded to tell her that they were pink and white gel and that is what I wanted, the ones that come in the little pot and you put on in layers with a brush, not the polish. After a little more discussion between her and the other tech’s I began to wonder if they knew what I wanted, so I asked if she was familiar with what I wanted. She said, oh yes, we do them all the time, I just needed to know the price.


By the time all was said and done she had done a gel base and the gel polish white tip and top coat. As I was watching her do it I knew I wasn’t going to get what I asked for. But at the point, when she had already done 3/4 of the job, what was I to do? At the end, I asked her about the polish vs. the white gel. She described what I had been talking about and said that they don’t do that there. WHAT?! Why wasn’t that told to me in the first place?

While my nails look alright (you can see the line from the previous set and the new; and the white looks like polish and isn’t crisp and she left a hang nail she created) the bottom line is I didn’t get what I wanted and I know in a few days this gel polish will chip.


In the future, I need to be very specific about what I want and ask to see the product before I start.

5 things to do before receiving a service:

  1. Be specific – make sure your definition of what you are requesting and what they offer are the same.
  2. Ask questions – the only way to make sure you and the other party are on the same page is to ask questions
  3. Request a sample – ask to see a sample of their work. Many times they are happy to show you what they are capable of.
  4. Ask for a quote up front – if you have done your research, then you should have an idea of what you are asking for should cost. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Don’t be afraid to walk away – if you aren’t sure that what they offer is what you are looking for, it’s okay to say no thank you and leave. However, if you have agreed to what they are offering and they have provided the service, you are obligated to follow through. If you aren’t clear or don’t ask questions, you can’t expect them to read your mind.



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