Take that Opportunity – It Will Change Your Life

Opportunities are like shooting stars – you need to pay attention to them when they cross your path because you never know when the next time one will come your way.

This week I had the opportunity to be the guest of Cox Business and Martin Jones at Social Media Marketing World. I have met with a variety of Social Media Experts and had have had great discussions about how I can better leverage my skills in this amazing space that is just beginning to ramp up.

Give yourself freedom to accept opportunities as they come your way – as Randi Zuckerberg said, “what’s the worst that could happen?” She took full advantage of the opportunity to work at Facebook (a small start-up at the time) amidst well-meaning neigh-sayers within her circle of trusted people.

The thing I am finally making the correlation between is opportunity – taking advantage of it and inspiration. Inspiration is a fleeting  commodity. To a writer, being truly inspired is the equivalent of finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. And without it we feel like a ghost town.

When we are weighed down by the business of this world, the constant hustle and bustle, moments of inspiration and the ability to act upon them are often as mysterious to us (writers) as is the Unicorn. Rainbows, pots of gold, unicorns – you must be thinking, “what in the world has she gotten into?” Trust me, I am always this way. Nothing new here. But a word of advice – take the opportunities (trusting your gut) because they will often change your life.

Jason Womack Book Your Best Just Got Better Work Smarter Think Bigger Make MoreOne of the best pieces of advice I have received this week came from my new friend Jason Womack. In his book Your Best Just Got Better – Work Smarter Think Bigger Make More got me thinking about the first step in creating purposeful change that will allow you to take full advantage of opportunities as they come – “You have to slow down to speed up”. We are all too often consumed by what we have to do that we often overwhelm our system and that makes us less productive. By slowing down we can reset our pace (he is a fan of running analogies) and strive toward the finish line without hitting a wall (just a quick plug for Jason – pick up his book – it will change your life. And if you ever see him – meet his eyes and say hello, it will be worth it)!

When inspiration strikes, within the context of opportunity seized, don’t be afraid to stop and indulge in the passion that arises from being inspired. I haven’t written in a long time because of the busyness of life. But I realize that it’s what I live on – it is what feeds the fire within me and propels me to the next opportunity and inspiration.

So, ask yourself, “what opportunities have crossed my path?” Take them – it will be an amazing journey!


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