Book Critique: Rhoda Janzen’s “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress”

It’s one thing to read a book about faith. It is another to read a book about the realities of life colored by faith and the struggle women face in reconciling the two. In reading all these books about women, their spiritual journey in discovering who they are and what their faith means both in […]

Book Critique: Lauren Winner’s Real Sex

Lauren Winner is brave. Writing a book about her struggles with sex and choosing chastity as a Christian (and the failures of it) is somewhat of a taboo subject – even in this sexually active and mostly accepted cultural standard. She has an accurate understanding of sex and society, especially in Christianity. The research is intriguing […]

Book Critique: Lauren Winner’s Mudhouse Sabbath

Mudhouse Sabbath is written in a style hat is slightly more formal but still personal. What I appreciate about her technique is that she chooses topics for each chapter and uses different events, books, and experiences in her life to discuss the particular theme of each chapter, how her life was affected, and how she translated […]

Book Critique: Lauren Winner “Girl Meets God”

Lauren Winner’s writing style in “Girl Meets God” is more matter of fact than several of the previous books. The main theme she deals with is combining her Jewish faith/up bringing with her new-found Christianity. It is interesting to me that she has such a difficult time reconciling the two faiths as if they are completely separate […]

Book Critique: Anne Lamott “Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith”

Anne Lamott’s book, “Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith” is an easy read and engaging. It is fully independent of her previous books, but encompasses some of the stories she touched on in those books. I am impressed that all her books have been about the same topic of faith, yet so different. I connect with this woman who […]

Book Critique: Anne Lamott “Grace Eventually”

While her style and tone is still very much the same as it was in Travelling Mercies, there is different. It didn’t grip me, wrap itself around me, and touch the deep, dark parts of me that Travelling Mercies did. This book was more about her daily life; muddling through, much like she did before, but different. Her life seems to […]