Social Media, Story Telling, and Joseph Kony

Infamy. It’s a powerful thing. Blend that with social media and you have one of the most influential and powerful tools in the world today. The video produced by the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. has, on the span of three days, gone viral on YouTube with more than 27 million views. It is a 30 […]

How Star Trek Really is the Future for Nevada

As part of my masters program one of things we have been discussing at length is the future of journalism. Facing the fact that traditional journalism is quickly unraveling and what once was is no longer, is a little unnerving; but it is also extremely exciting. Nevada, being in a similar predicament, should also find […]

Leaving a Legacy

What we do is more than what is done for today. For many of us, our daily routines will be nothing more than that – a daily routine. We will live within the confines of our life never thinking beyond the moments we live. For some, though, we will live on far beyond our lifetime. […]

Etsy – Taking Crafts and Creating Community and Income

What was old is new again. Repurposing, redesigning, reusing and creating new things from pieces. Crafting. It is one such trend. People have been creating, selling, and trading crafts for centuries and in a down economy ingenuity is the name of the game.  And, if done right, a hobby can turn into new income – […]