Storify: The Debate on Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court arguments heard today on Marriage Equality (or Gay Marriage) is a topic of hot discussion. Everyone has an opinion whether they choose to share it or not. It is a difficult position to be at odds with popular belief and to hold strong to ones convictions and beliefs. Below is a Storify […]

Personal Politics

Religious conviction and political or personal ideologies often conflict in this right to freedom of thought, speech, and exercise of action country, and young generation. It is no longer acceptable to believe strongly in something when it opposes the views and beliefs of someone else. No longer do we have the freedom of speech without […]

NYC Mayor Forces Breastfeeding, a mom’s response

This is one woman’s response to the post: NYC Mayor Forces Breastfeeding By Christin Howard-Fankhauser It upsets me! On one hand, I don’t mind the mayor taking a stance on a woman’s issue because he is in a place of authority and has the power to disseminate information. On the other, the stance he has […]

Boosting Job Growth

There are many ideas out there for boosting job growth. Some states are taking cues from other states. For example, predominantly union oriented states are implementing a right to work initiative that is thought to increase job growth in those areas. In addition, a myriad of other ideas are being bounced around and states are […]