Gossip: Recognizing & Repairing Relationships

Gossip is a nasty business. It is certainly not for the faint of heart and is even difficult for those who are strong. Gossip has existed forever – people can’t help but talk about people. And while the initial reaction of gossip is fun, seemingly innocent and even exhilarating for some,  it’s consequences are detrimental […]

Love Once Lost

Love once lost and since forgotten, let go to fly away in hopes that one day it would return unchanged,  and yet an impossibility. For change is a certainty I cannot deny. And yet, the prospects of what I desire is before me, and so much more than I could have asked for.  A second […]

Dream Big and Dream Often

Dreams really do come true. But they don’t just happen. Dreams are a lot of work and a lot of hard work, make no mistake about that. However, when you dream, dream big and dream often. And whatever you do, never give up! Many of you know, and many more may not, that when I […]

River of Tears

Once upon a time life was full of promise and sweetness and nothing seemed to hinder the possibility of it all. And then the reality of life outside of a  fairy tale set in and wounds began to appear. Nothing seemed to quench the anguish I felt and no remedy could heal the mortal wounds […]


Is love enough to sustain a relationship? Once upon a time in my naivety I would have said yes- but now, in the midst of love, lust, disappointment, and reality, I am unsure of where to go. I am frozen in time with reality staring me in the face and a crossroads before me, I […]

The Beautiful Consequence of Sacrifice

Sacrifice…it is an ugly word with such beautiful consequences. It requires such physical and mental and emotional giving. And it transforms our in most being. It’s like a butterfly. Before sacrifice we are like the caterpillar. A little worm, inching along life never venturing very far and staying close to what we know is safe […]


Contentment in any situation. An impossibility to achieve within the constraints of humanity and mortality. However, throw God into the equation and nothing is impossible. Suddenly a whole world opens up before you and everything is possible. The world is brighter. The mountain tops are bigger and brighter, the valleys are more shallow and wider. […]